Where does it Start from?

Stress in the workplace currently affects 79% of the UK population and is considered to be one of the highest common factors that affect people’s wellbeing which can range from:

Overworking, Being on time for a job interview or an important meeting, Having to meet sale targets on a quarterly or yearly basis, work performance, and the type of environment.

Stress Treatment - Aura Revitalise

The Symptoms & How to Manage it

The Symptoms:

Our body starts to get tired.
Start to get chest palpitations and have high blood pressure
Muscular aches
Feel irritated and angry
Poor concentration

How to Manage it:

Relax with one of our healing treatments
Go for a walk and stretch
Listen to music and meditate for 10 mins
Read a book

And most importantly listening to our body when it is trying to tell us to

Rest, Relax and Heal