Distant Reiki Meditation Healing

Enjoy a Distant Reiki Meditation session to help boost your energy for the day.

Reiki Healing

Relax and de-stress with a Reiki Healing session.

Crystal Healing

Release any energy blockages your body has accumulated over time with a deep clearing Crystal Healing session.

Wellness NLP Coaching

Help to remove self-limiting beliefs and anxious thoughts and transform into a positive mindset.

Revitalise Package

8x Weekly Sessions. An in-depth Reiki and Crystal Healing package helping to transform your mind, body and soul enabling you to achieve a work life balance. Includes a Set of 8 Chakra Crystals and an Aftercare Guide.

Circle of Life Package

A 2 month intensive Reiki and Coaching Visualisation package consisting of 8x Weekly sessions giving you the tools and techniques to prosper in every area of your lifestyle.