5 Steps on Boosting your Energy and Mindset with Crystals

5 Steps on Boosting your Energy and Mindset with Crystals

Have you ever felt tired, unbalanced or lost interest in things you once enjoyed doing and then wonder where all that precious time has gone?

By using crystals, these can help boost and enhance your energy and mindset.

Crystals emanate a vibrational energy and connects with our aura energy field releasing any blockages or uneasiness we are going through at that given moment.

Below is a selection of crystals which can help you achieve the desired goals.

Crystals Required:

* Amethyst

Boosting Energy

Helps with Positive Thinking and Inspiration

* Carnelian

Boosting Energy-Carnelian

Helps boost motivation and confidence

* Citrine

Boosting Energy-Citrine

Promotes creativity and concentration

* Clear Quartz

Boosting Energy-Clear Quartz

Promotes positive vibration and manifestation

* Garnet

Boosting Energy-Garnet

Re-energises and balances your energy


To help you get the full benefit, simply follow the below 5 steps:

  1. Select a crystal you are drawn to or choose any one crystal that you would like to experience
  2. Then either lie down or sit comfortably holding the chosen crystal in either hand
  3. Next close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths
  4. Meditate or Visualize on a positive affirmation for 15 mins
  5. Then take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.


*** Get ready to have a Positive Energetic Day ***

Handy Tips:

* Try rotating the crystals on a daily or weekly basis
* If required can carry the crystals to work or place them in the home
* Keep a Journal on your experiences from these sessions