Reiki Healing

“Reiki” is a blend of two Japanese words: “rei,” which signifies “God’s wisdom,” or “the higher force,” and “ki,” which signifies “life power energy.”

“Ki is the everyday routine power energy that lightens all living things. Put together, “rei” & “ki” signify “spiritually and profoundly guided life power energy.”

Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is a natural, non-evasive hands on healing technique. It was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan around 1922. Reiki helps in clearing the blockages and promotes healing, by re-energising and balancing the body on all levels. The energy is channelled by placing my hands in a series of different positions on the person. Reiki also transcends through time and space as form of Distance Healing.

Reiki Healing Hands treatment - Aura Revitalise

How it Works?

The human body holds a life force energy which consists of meridian lines, chakras and nadis. When these are working properly we are full of energy. The moment our energy gets depleted we start having emotional, physical and mental blockages such as getting ill, having negative thoughts and feeling at a loss.

Reiki is connected to a scope of physical and emotional medical advantages, including better rest, improved mind-set and relief from discomfort. Research has shown that Reiki helps to boost one’s energy and mood by enhancing relaxation, improving the health and wellbeing from stress, illness and injury related conditions.

There’s proof that Reiki, utilized as a correlative treatment, can assist individuals with recuperating a medical procedure and oversee side effects of malignant growth and AIDS and many more benefits. Reiki can help in lowering Blood Pressure, improving sleep, and reducing anxiety.

In a Reiki session, the energy is received through divine life force “Universal Life Energy” and is channelled to the client. The intention is to enable an intense relaxation, to help speed recuperation, to reduce pain and decrease different side effects you might be encountering.

I have been practicing Reiki Healing for many years so let me take you take you through this cleansing and healing journey.

Reiki can be offered in the workplace as well as at home.


At Home

Increases Deep Relaxation
Helps Insomnia
Helps Chronic Pains
Energises Your Immune System And Wellbeing
Helps To Shift Any Energy Blockages

In the Workplace

Reduces Stress And Anxiety
Increases the Team’s Productivity, Staff Morale And Energy Levels
Helps To Boost Their Concentration
Builds The Team’s Confidence And Brings About Calmness
Reduces Absenteeism
Provides a Well Balanced working life

Distance Healing

Distance Healing is available if unable to attend in person and would still like to enjoy the benefits. The treatment is offered via Video Call from the comfort of your home or in the office. Reiki is a complementary therapy and works alongside medical treatments.